Playwright, Screenwriter, Producer

Michael MacLennan



Welcome to my website.


I’m a screenwriter, television writer and producer who divides my time between Los Angeles, Toronto and Vancouver.


These days I work mostly as a television writer, with credits that include The Fosters, Bitten, Bomb Girls, Flashpoint, Being Erika, Godiva’s, Queer as Folk, and Wind at my Back.  Some of these shows I’ve created and ran, and some of them I’ve served as a writer-producer.  I feel very fortunate to have been on all of them.  I’ve also worked with many US Networks developing series, and have a good number of features in development, though I tend not to talk about them until they’re up and running.


I began writing for the stage, and have six published plays, which have been produced internationally and garnered numerous awards.


        On this site you’ll find:

                    — information on me and my work (bios and a more detailed CV)

                    — information on my plays and how to purchase them

                    — contact information for my agents in Canada and the USA, and

                    — a direct contact for me.


For nearly ten years, I updated my earlier website with seasonal blogs, but I found it was the last kind of writing I wanted to do.  I’m not sure anyone was interested in my old news.  So it’s just the facts here — I hope they do the trick.


Oh, and you can find me on Twitter at @Zenfandango


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